Dot Procter Artist: Classes

Art  Classes  in Dot Procter’s Art Studio

            (small intimate classes)


For children, the goal is to keep their “art spark” burning bright.  For teens, the goal is to fan the flames and to build their confidence in art-making.  

Price:   $25/hr (including supplies);  $35/hr private.  I do painting, drawing, sculpture, and mixed media.  The classes are after-school,  and usually set up with siblings, neighbors, and/or friends.


For adults, my goal is to support and encourage their own personal creative journey.  I don’t do class lessons, as I think they can sometimes be distracting.  For adults, our biggest obstacle to making art is our own self-critic.  Judgement and doubt can ruin our creative spark.  We have many years of practice pleasing those around us: bosses, spouses, friends, teachers, etc.  OPEN STUDIO is a chance to work side by side with other artists who are stretching their own limits of creativity: using new materials, experimenting, even making ‘bad‘ art.  I am a resource to provide direction and brainstorm with you about materials and ideas. It’s a lot of fun!

* OPEN STUDIO:  Thursdays  (three sessions) from 10-12, 2-4, and/or 6-8pm.  Students work independently on their own projects.   I provide inspiration, gentle guidance and critiques.

Price:  $35/session (including supplies);  $25/session (if you provide your own supplies)

* ART COACHING:  In a rut? need a boost? trying to get ready for a show? not sure where to begin?  One hour session getting your creative juices flowing. Price: $50/one hour session


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