My paintings basically fall into two rough categories: Landscapes (observable life)  and Whimsical/Abstract (from my imagination).  I have added a Blog this year to help illustrate my process, step by step.   Learn more About me, including a short movie.  And, of course, Contact Me with your questions or comments, to inquire about a purchase, or to sign up on my mailist list.

About My Process: My low tolerance for boredom is always leading me in new directions. I am endlessly inspired by the natural world and the colors that surround me.  But how could/can I go beyond just imitating nature and put more of my authentic self into each painting?  This is an ongoing experiment.  Words, collage and drips have been creeping into my paintings, on and off, for years. I wasn’t quite sure why, but i went with it.  Now I am more enlighened. I have always loved to journal.  Writing helps me sort out my inner workings.  I write every morning to clear my head for the day and set my priorities. I never reread or save my journals.  I write in my iPad, and immediately erase it.  It is personal.  So it makes sense to lay down a layer of words on each canvas first.  Setting the intention for each painting.  Also, I am a messy painter.  I stab at and scrub my paintings, I ruin my brushes, and my paint flies.  And I have felt ashamed of this huge flaw, until recently. Why not randomly drip colors down the side of my canvases, obscuring the words and adding some colorful and disorderly mess. And, as for collage, that has been a comfort for many years.  When I don’t know what to do, I look through the junk mail and rip out beautiful pieces of color. So on many of my canvases, before I “start” a painting, I have layers of words, drips and collage.  I am alredy well-invested in each canvas even before I officially start with an image.

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